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3 important apps for high school students.

3 essential apps to have if you're in the first, second, or third year of high school. These apps help you study and make it easier for you. First and foremost is the app My Study Life 

1- School Planner. 

The purpose of this app is to create a complete schedule for your study times and send you a notification when an important date you set is approaching.

My Study Life

App description:
This program makes studying easier by primarily organizing time and making sure it is not wasted. The app allows you to:

- Choose study timeslots that suit you and save them within the program.
- Keep track of all your homework to receive reminders.
- Mark your exam dates to divide the curriculum.

The app is available on all platforms: Android, iPhone, and computer.
To download, click below:

The second app is Stay Focused - App Block.

This app helps you by hiding and blocking notifications from all apps that may distract you from studying, thereby allowing you to stay focused.
Stay Focused - App Block‏

This is a self-control app that helps you focus by limiting daily usage of blocked apps or your phone as a whole to specified times or periods. You set the time during which you want the apps to stay blocked.

To download:
- For Android, click here.
- For iPhone, click here.

The third app is SpinMe Alarm Clock.

Everyone knows that 5 am is the best time for studying, but waking up at that time can be a challenge. That's why I recommend this app.

SpinMe Alarm Clock‏

This app may look like an ordinary alarm clock, but it's not. You can't turn off the alarm unless you physically get up and spin around to confirm that you're awake.

To download:
- For Android, click here.
- For iPhone, click here.

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