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Save on data usage and enjoy YouTube at your leisure with YouTube Go.

Save on data usage and enjoy YouTube at your leisure with YouTube Go.

It is known that you cannot use YouTube outside the house or without a WIFI network, but what is the reason? The YouTube application has many videos, and what distinguishes it is its quality. You can choose the quality of the video you want to play, starting from 144p up to 8K. However, if you don't specify the quality you want to watch, YouTube automatically sets the quality based on the internet speed and the maximum capacity of your device. Suppose you're out of the house, working with 4G data, and your phone supports the same feature. You're now providing your phone with a high internet speed, so if you open YouTube and watch a 10-minute video, and after finishing it, you'll likely find a message from the telecommunications company saying that a large portion of your data bundle has been consumed. This is because YouTube sets the video you were watching to be played in high quality due to the availability of high internet speed. Here, YouTube had to find a solution for users in poor countries like Egypt, so the company launched the YouTube Go app.

The YouTube Go app is simply the same as the regular YouTube app, but with several important differences that make its data consumption very low. Some of these differences are considered features, and some of them are cons. Let's start with an explanation of downloading and using the program.

How to download YouTube Go:
There are two methods: 

1- the first is through the Google Play Store by clicking on this link Download.
2- The second method is through the Uptodown website by clicking on this link Download.

The download is easy and doesn't require an explanation, but what needs an explanation is what comes after downloading the app, where you need to go through several steps to log in.

How to use Youtube Go 

The first time you open the app, you'll see a screen like so

شرح تشغيل و استخدام YouTube Go

You need to click on the "Next" button to find a list of the emails registered on your phone to choose which one you want to register with or you can choose to add a new account by adding it first from the settings and then returning to the program and selecting it. After selecting the account, the app will ask you to give it some permissions that you need to allow, such as access to storage. Then the program starts working without problems, but how to use the program to consume less data?

To use the app, you'll find the suggested videos on the home page based on the account you selected, and you'll find the search menu to search for the video you want. After selecting the video you want to watch, just click on it, and you'll find the following options:

After selecting the quality, you'll find a preview of the video that shows you some scenes from it without consuming data. If you're satisfied with the preview, you can click on the "Download" button to download the video or the "Watch" button to watch it online with the selected quality.

الجودات داخل برنامج YouTube go      

- Data Saver: This option is where the minute of the video equals only about 1 MB. The quality of the videos is not acceptable at this level, and they are not clear. However, the sound is clear.
- Standard Quality: This option has a higher quality that allows you to see the details with ease, but it consumes more data than the first option.
- High Quality: This option has a much higher quality that consumes a lot of data. However, if you want to see the details in the video, you can select it.

After selecting the quality you want, you can easily click on the "Play" button to start the video.

YouTube Go

There's also another button available only in certain videos, which is the "Download" button that allows you to watch the video later as well.

The app also provides a preview of the video before opening it by clicking on the "Preview" button above the video image. There's also a small arrow pointing upwards that you can click on to open the video description.

Summary of the program's advantages:

- Very low data consumption for the phone bundle.
- Knowing the video size before opening or downloading it.
- The ability to browse videos with very low data consumption.
- Works on all types of weak phones without any lag.

Summary of program cons:

- You won't be able to add any comments.
- There are a large number of videos that cannot be downloaded.
- It doesn't work without logging in.


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