How to get free spins in Coin Master

 IF you're in here now so you're probably outta spins already

so for that, I'll give you some small help You can gain free 50 spins from there links below 

Note that these links are mostly time-limited and can only be used one time

so make sure to visit every day for the new links

Just remember to come back every day to gain even more free spins Daily


25 Free Spins


25 Free Spins


25 Free Spins

So there have been rumors that there's a loophole that works as long as there's a tournament going on the game that can get you more than 8000 spins as a coming back to the game gift
the developer said that it's safe to use for one time per account
you can access the loophole site through this link
though we hadn't been able to confirm that it's legit but our team is working on it

However, if you're looking for more tips and tricks to master the game you can wait for our full guide on the game coming out in a few days

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