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Finding the Perfect Soundtrack with StockMusic: A Step-by-Step Guide

Finding the Perfect Soundtrack with StockMusic: A Step-by-Step Guide


StockMusic has become an essential resource for content creators across all industries - from video production to podcasting, gaming, advertising, and more. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to fully utilize stock music and elevate your projects.

What is StockMusic?

StockMusic, also known as royalty-free or production music, is pre-recorded music that can be licensed for use in personal, commercial, or broadcast projects. Stock music libraries offer tracks across a vast range of genres, moods, and durations. 

Unlike commissioned or customized music, stock music can be used by multiple people or companies by purchasing a license. Licenses allow you to use the track following the terms - from videos monetized on YouTube to TV/radio ads, corporate presentations, websites, and beyond.

Key Benefits of Using StockMusic

Here are some of the core advantages stock music provides over custom compositions:

  1. Cost-effective: Pre-made stock music is significantly cheaper than hiring composers and musicians to create custom tracks from scratch.
  2. Saves time: Finding high-quality stock music for a project can be done in minutes vs. weeks or months to produce bespoke music.
  3. Flexible licensing: Licenses are available for all types of use cases, whether commercial, personal, online, offline, monetized, or not.
  4. Variety: Stock music libraries offer an astounding range of genres, moods, and track lengths perfect for any video, website, app, podcast, presentation, and more.
  5. Quality: Stock music comes professionally produced and mastered to commercial-grade standards.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using StockMusic 

Follow these steps to start accessing stockMusic for your projects:

1. Find a StockMusic Library

Many stock music platforms exist, but some top options include:

  • AudioJungle: Over 1 million high-quality tracks starting at $1. 
  • Pond5: Features unique indie music artists. Extensive filtering tools.
  • Shutterstock: Leading stock media site. Comprehensive music collection.

2. Sign Up & Gain Access: Go To StockMusic 

Create a user account to purchase licenses and download tracks. Some sites offer subscription plans for unlimited downloads.

3. Search for the Perfect Track

Use keyword, genre, mood, and instrument filters to narrow your search. Listen to previews to evaluate tracks before purchasing.

 4. License the Track

When you find the ideal track, purchase it to obtain a license. Review license terms to ensure it fits your usage needs. 

 5. Download the Track

After licensing, instantly download the track in MP3, WAV or other high-quality formats.

 6. Import into Your Project

Import the track into your video, website, app, presentation, podcast or other project! Trim, loop, fade, and edit as needed.

Finding the Right Track 

Here are some tips for effectively searching StockMusic platforms to find tracks that perfectly suit your project:

  1. Listen to full previews: Get a feel for the entire arrangement. 
  2. Pay attention to structure: Ensure the track has transitions that sync with video scene changes.
  3. Match mood and tone: Select music that complements your project's overall feel and emotions.
  4. Avoid overused tracks: Use search filters to find fresh, unique melodies.
  5. Refine with filters: Narrow by duration, instruments, tempo, keywords, etc.


StockMusic provides a vast catalog of affordable, easy-to-license music that can make any project more engaging and impactful. This guide covered the essentials - from the benefits of stock music to step-by-step instructions on searching platforms and purchasing licenses.

The variety and quality offered by stock music libraries empower video producers, marketers, podcasters, and creators of all types to produce professional content, without costly custom music. Sign up with a stock music site today to explore the massive selection of tracks waiting to be discovered and incorporated into your next big project!

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