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A Step-by-Step Guide to Audio Cutter

Precision Sound Editing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Audio Cutter


Audio Cutter is an intuitive online tool for trimming, cutting, and editing audio files with precision. With just a few clicks, you can customize tracks to your liking.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Access Audio Cutter

  • Go to Audio Cutter in your web browser or mobile device. No download is required.

Step 2: Upload an Audio File 

  1. From your Audio Cutter dashboard, click "Browse my files".

  2. Select an audio file from your computer. Popular formats like MP3 and WAV are supported.

  3. Once loaded, your audio waveform will appear in the editor.

Step 3: Trim the Audio

  1. Drag the trim sliders at the ends to shorten the audio. Cut intros, outros, etc.

  2. Press "Cut" to perform your process. 

  3. For precision, enter exact start and end times in the trim boxes.

Step 4: Save the Edited Audio

  1. When done, click "Save" to download the audio file.

Expanding Your Audio Toolkit:

Step 5: Customize Advanced Settings (Optional)

For more customization, try these additional audio tools:

Vocal Remover and Isolation:

leverages powerful AI algorithms to freely separate vocal and instrumental tracks from songs.

Splitter AI: 

Uses AI to separate song elements like vocals, drums, and bass. Craft custom mixes.

Audio Pitcher:

 Adjust the pitch and tempo of songs.

Key BPM Finder: 

Analyze songs to detect BPM, key, and scale.

Audio Joiner: 

Merge multiple audio tracks into one file.

Voice Recorder: 

Record and save vocal recordings.

Karaoke: Voice Over Song Recorder 

Sing over karaoke tracks, tune vocals, and save complete songs.


With these few simple steps, you can easily customize any audio file using the intuitive Audio Cutter tool. Shorten songs for ringtones, remove silence from podcasts, create seamless audio transitions, and more.

Take your sound editing skills to the next level with precision trimming, creative fading effects, and smooth audio joins. Audio Cutter makes it easy - to unleash your inner audio editing maestro!


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