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A Step-by-Step Guide to Voice Recorder

A Step-by-Step Guide to Voice Recorder


Voice Recorder is an intuitive online audio recorder and editor. With just a few clicks, you can capture stereo recordings and refine them with effects and editing tools.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Access Voice Recorder

  • Go to Voice Recorder in your browser or mobile device. No download is required.

Step 2: Record Audio

  1. Click the "Record" button to start capturing audio through the microphone. 

  2. Speak, sing, or play audio near the mic. Voice Recorder uses stereo recording for an immersive effect.
  3. Hit stop when you're done. Your recording will appear in the editor as a waveform.

Step 3: Edit & Enhance the Recording 

  1. Trim the start and end points by dragging the sliders if needed.

  2. Add effects like reverb, equalizer, or echo adjustments to refine the audio. 

  3. Preview your changes until you're satisfied. Retake recordings if needed.

Expanding Your Audio Toolkit:

Step 4: Customize Advanced Settings (Optional)

For more customization, try these additional audio tools:

Vocal Remover and Isolation:

leverages powerful AI algorithms to freely separate vocal and instrumental tracks from songs.

Splitter AI: 

Uses AI to separate song elements like vocals, drums, and bass. Craft custom mixes.

Audio Pitcher:

 Adjust the pitch and tempo of songs.

Key BPM Finder: 

Analyze songs to detect BPM, key, and scale.

Audio Cutter: 

Trim and edit audio files online for free.

Audio Joiner: 

Merge multiple audio tracks into one file.

Karaoke: Voice Over Song Recorder 

Sing over karaoke tracks, tune vocals, and save complete songs.


With just these few simple steps, you can record, edit, and share immersive stereo audio using Voice Recorder. Capture music, podcasts, ambient sounds - unleash your creativity! 

Take your audio skills to the next level with this intuitive tool. Start capturing impressive soundscapes now with Voice Recorder.


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