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A Step-by-Step Guide to Key BPM Finder

A Step-by-Step Guide to Key BPM Finder


Key BPM Finder is an AI-powered online tool that analyzes songs to detect key, scale, tempo (BPM), and more. This allows you to gain musical insights to elevate your creative projects.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Access Key BPM Finder

  • Go to Key BPM Finder in your web browser - no download is required. 

Step 2: Import Your Song 

  1. From your Key BPM Finder dashboard, click "Browse my files".

  2. Select an audio file from your computer. Popular formats like MP3 and WAV are supported. 

  3. Key BPM Finder will rapidly analyze the song's key, scale, BPM, chords, and segments.

Step 3: View Detailed Analysis

  1. Once processed, you can view the detected key, scale, tempo, and other insights.

  2. Use these musical discoveries to inform your creative projects!

Step 4: Save & Share (Optional)

  1. Click the "Save" button to store analyzed songs in your files

  2. Open the exported file in Exel.

Expanding Your Audio Toolkit:

Step 5: Customize Settings (Optional) 

For more advanced capabilities, try these additional audio tools:

Vocal Remover and Isolation:

leverages powerful AI algorithms to freely separate vocal and instrumental tracks from songs.

Splitter AI: 

Uses AI to separate song elements like vocals, drums, and bass. Craft custom mixes.

Audio Pitcher:

 Adjust the pitch and tempo of songs.

Audio Cutter: 

Trim and edit audio files online for free.

Audio Joiner: 

Merge multiple audio tracks into one file.

Voice Recorder: 

Record and save vocal recordings.

Karaoke: Voice Over Song Recorder 

Sing over karaoke tracks, tune vocals, and save complete songs.


With these simple steps, you can harness the power of Key BPM Finder to unlock deeper musical insights. Use it to detect keys, scales, chord progressions, and more from your favorite songs. Master musical precision and elevate your creative projects!


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